Principe di Gerace is our premium and exclusive brand, fruit of a long lasting experience and love for our fields. Tradition and innovation are the routes we cross every day, taking care of every phase of the harvest and processing with passion and respect. The result of our work is a line of exclusive and precious gourmet products, first of all the Extra virgin olive oil coming from the family farm secular plantations, carried out with love and passion according to the organic agriculture guide lines. In the Principe di Gerace gourmet specialties, we have also: flavored oils, olives, olives and artichokes patè, and a full line of fish specialties in organic extra virgin olive oil.


Our organic extra virgin olive oil Mediterraneò® is obtained from the selection of the best oils coming from our partnership with producers in Calabria. Harvesting is carried out according to traditional methods and Olives are milled by cold extraction in order to obtain a top quality extra virgin olive oil. The oil obtained presents a yellow colour with green reflections; it is characterized by low acidity and has a delicate olive taste. Thanks to its sweetness, it represents the ideal dressing for the whole family.


First biodynamic oil in Calabria, Bioleificio San Francesco® Demeter is the result of a common dream of the producers, Antonello and Giuseppe involved in organic farming since more than twenty years. Their aim was to produce their "excellence oil" in a peaceful and enchanting place. The dream became true when they decided to built up our milling facility Bioleificio San Francesco in an area located between the hills and the sea, next to the national park of Serre and the protected area of WWF and to convert the surrounding farm into a biodynamic one. This was a pilot project of biodynamic farming, the only one all over Calabria.

Mediterranea Foods

Our service is astonishingly thin and light.
Antonino Anastasi
Mediterranea Foods srl founder and owner
"Whenever I glance at our thriving olive tree plantations, smelling their odour and caressing their silver leaves, I think about my father whose eagerness towards these secular trees has learned me to believe that talking to nature with love and respect she gives back with the same passion and respect her best fruits... maybe this is the reason why we have been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil since three generations.”

Our enchanting location
in the heart of Mediterranean sea

Located in Calabria, south of Italy, in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, where the sun shines nearly all year round, Mediterranea Foods enjoys a strategic position that gives its products an harmonious combination of factors from the climate to the landscape and tradition. Uncontaminated valleys, crystal waters, in the natural frame of the ancient Tyrrenian and Ionian Sea are the elements where the company operates. This is our piece of paradise where we take care of our trees and fields with an ancient passion passed down through generations.

a family history

After many years of experience alongside his father Domenico, in 1992 Antonino, whose family had been involved in agriculture for at least a century, decided to turn the family conventional farm into an organic one. It was the natural route of a path started with his family whose cultivation philosophy and guidelines were already totally centered on natural growing methods. In the same years was established Mediterranea Foods to introduce the farm organic productions in the organic market.

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