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The company

An enchanting location in the heart of the Mediterranean.

We have been operating in the organic field for over thirty years and for over ten years in the biodynamic sector. Our activities, both agricultural and productive, are located between the wonderful Calabria region and the green hills of Abruzzo region (Italy). In this area the warm warmth of the sun envelops the fields and crops almost all year round and the fresh embrace of the sea breeze caresses the ancient olive groves of the family farm. The green valleys surrounded by the crystalline waters of the ancient Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas are the natural setting within which Mediterranea Foods operates. The high quality of the company’s products is the result of the harmonious interaction of different elements peculiar to the territory in which we operate.

Our background

After a long history of hard work supported by his father Domenico, in the early 90s, Antonino Anastasi, founder of Mediterranea Foods, feels a strong impulse towards change and thus decides to convert the family business into a totally organic production, strongly believing in an approach to agriculture attentive to the anthropic and ethical aspects of production. It was the natural path to follow as the family guidelines and philosophy were already in line with natural production.

Our path

During our first years of activity we entered the organic market with our extra virgin olive oil, which today still represents our core business. After extensive research and development activities, we now boasts 30 years of experience in the organic sector. Thanks to our know-how, we currently produce an excellent range of organic and biodynamic speciality products, made with raw materials, almost exclusively produced by us and free of any preservative and additive, enhancing their taste and quality.

Our mission: a path towards quality and excellence

For more than 30 years we have chosen organic farming as an ethical path, being aware of the fragile balance that exists between us and Mother Earth. This choice led us to cultivate and produce without synthetic chemicals, as it strongly contributes to a symbiotic coexistence between human beings and nature for the well-being of both.
Our daily production is based on tradition and respect for our history, using the most modern production processes and the most selected raw materials, always caring for the fields and the people who collaborate for the harvest success.
Therefore, our production program is based on total respect for human beings and the environment. Our primary goal is producing organic foods with the highest quality standards.

Sustainably, quality and transparency for our products

We are aware that following organic procedures means adopting a sustainable, transparent and ethical system running through the entire production chain, starting from the fields to the finished product on store shelves. We embrace these values to guarantee an attentive and efficient service through the whole production chain, until our products reach their final consumers.
To guarantee such a safety system, every single product, starting from its raw materials, is checked and analysed several times during the production phases in order to avoid any contamination.
The concrete result of the scrupulous work are our speciality products, whose pure, natural and exclusive taste represents the Mediterranean style and rich tradition.

Our certifications and control systems

  • We are certified for organic farming by ICEA
  • We are certified for biodynamic farming by DEMETER ITALIA
  • We are Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified for our seafood products from sustainable fishing
  • We are certified IGP Olio di Calabria
  • We are USDA/NOP accredited for the US market
  • Our quality process is BRC and IFS certified
  • All of our products are completely GMO-FREE
  • All of our products are Italian

Company Profile

Our team

Antonino Anastasi

Antonino Anastasi

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Marilena Massara

Marilena Massara

Export manager
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Marilena Massara

Alessandro Italiano

Quality certifications
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Marilena Massara

Francesca Verduci

Sales senior
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Marilena Massara

Valentina Tucci

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Giuseppe Auddino

Giuseppe Auddino

Production manager
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